Engineering Program


The requirements for receiving MECH ENG 1720, a freshman class required of all Missouri S&T engineering majors, are the following: 

  1. Complete any two PLTW-Engineering courses from the following: 
    • Intro to Engineering Design (IED)
    • Principles of Engineering (POE)
    • Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM)
    • Civil Engineering/Architecture (CEA)
    • Digital Electronics (DE)
    • Engineering Essentials (EES)
    • Aerospace Engineering (AE)
    • Engineering Design & Development (EDD)
    • Environmental Sustainability (ES)
  2. Earn an A or B in each course
  3. Have one of the following scores for each PLTW class:
    (waived for 19-20 and 20-21 academic years)
    • Stanine score of "6" or higher for each course
    • Raw score or equivalent
    • Scale score (100 - 600) that earns an achievement level descriptor of "accomplished" or "distinguished." 
  4. Pay the $200 fee
  5. Give the completed application to your high school to send to S&T with an official transcript of your PLTW courses (including both graded semesters) or request a sealed transcript that you can send with the application

 For information about the MECH ENG 1720 class that would be credited, click here‌ to go to the course's web site. 

How to Apply 

Please give the completed form to your HS to send with an official transcript (including both graded semesters). Or can request a "sealed" transcript to be included with the application. 

Mail To: 
Missouri S&T Registrar's Office
103 Parker Hall, 300 West 13th Street
Rolla, MO 65409-0930

Engineering Application

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