Engineering Degree Programs

Program Overviews and Links to Find Out More

Aerospace Engineering

  • Program Overview: Dive into the design, development, and testing of aircraft and spacecraft.
  • Core Courses: Aerodynamics, Propulsion, Flight Dynamics, and Aircraft Structures.
  • Career Prospects: Aerospace Engineer, Flight Test Engineer, Systems Engineer.

Architectural Engineering

  • Program Overview: Explore the integration of building systems within the architectural design.
  • Core Courses: Structural Analysis, HVAC Systems, Electrical Systems, and Building Information Modeling.
  • Career Prospects: Architectural Engineer, Construction Manager, Building Systems Engineer.

Ceramic Engineering

  • Program Overview: Delve into the science and technology of ceramic materials.
  • Core Courses: Ceramic Materials, Processing of Ceramics, and Ceramic Phase Equilibria.
  • Career Prospects: Ceramic Engineer, Materials Scientist, Process Engineer.

Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

  • Program Overview: Unlock the potential of chemical processes for various applications.
  • Core Courses: Chemical Process Principles, Chemical Reaction Engineering, and Process Control.
  • Career Prospects: Chemical Engineer, Biochemical Engineer, Process Engineer.

Civil Engineering

  • Program Overview: Build the foundation for designing and constructing infrastructure projects.
  • Core Courses: Structural Engineering, Environmental Engineering, and Transportation Engineering.
  • Career Prospects: Civil Engineer, Structural Engineer, Environmental Engineer.

Computer Engineering

  • Program Overview: Bridge the gap between electrical engineering and computer science.
  • Core Courses: Digital Systems Design, Microprocessors, and Computer Networks.
  • Career Prospects: Computer Engineer, Embedded Systems Engineer, Network Engineer.

Electrical Engineering

  • Program Overview: Illuminate the world of electronics and electrical systems.
  • Core Courses: Circuit Analysis, Electronics, and Electromagnetic Fields.
  • Career Prospects: Electrical Engineer, Electronics Engineer, Power Engineer.

Engineering Management

  • Program Overview: Merge the technical and managerial aspects of engineering projects.
  • Core Courses: Engineering Economics, Project Management, and Quality Control.
  • Career Prospects: Engineering Manager, Project Manager, Quality Engineer.

Environmental Engineering

  • Program Overview: Tackle environmental challenges through engineering solutions.
  • Core Courses: Environmental Chemistry, Water Resources Engineering, and Environmental Microbiology.
  • Career Prospects: Environmental Engineer, Water Resources Engineer, Environmental Consultant.

Explosives Engineering

  • Program Overview: Discover the controlled use and analysis of explosives.
  • Core Courses: Introduction to Explosives Engineering, Blast Design, and Explosive Material Science.
  • Career Prospects: Explosives Engineer, Blasting Engineer, Pyrotechnic Engineer.

Geological Engineering

  • Program Overview: Unearth the principles of engineering applied to geological problems.
  • Core Courses: Soil Mechanics, Rock Mechanics, and Engineering Geology.
  • Career Prospects: Geological Engineer, Mining Engineer, Geotechnical Engineer.

Materials Science and Engineering

  • Program Overview: Investigate the properties and applications of various materials.
  • Core Courses: Materials Structure and Properties, Materials Processing, and Materials Performance.
  • Career Prospects: Materials Engineer, Metallurgical Engineer, Corrosion Engineer.

Mechanical Engineering

  • Program Overview: Delve into the design and analysis of mechanical systems.
  • Core Courses: Thermodynamics, Mechanics of Materials, and Machine Design.
  • Career Prospects: Mechanical Engineer, Design Engineer, Thermal Engineer.

Metallurgical Engineering

  • Program Overview: Explore the science and technology of metals.
  • Core Courses: Physical Metallurgy, Extractive Metallurgy, and Materials Processing.
  • Career Prospects: Metallurgical Engineer, Process Engineer, Materials Scientist.

Mining Engineering

  • Program Overview: Delve into the exploration, extraction, and processing of minerals.
  • Core Courses: Mining Methods, Mineral Processing, and Mine Ventilation.
  • Career Prospects: Mining Engineer, Mineral Engineer, Mine Safety Engineer.

Nuclear Engineering

  • Program Overview: Explore the principles and applications of nuclear energy.
  • Core Courses: Nuclear Physics, Nuclear Reactor Theory, and Radiation Protection.
  • Career Prospects: Nuclear Engineer, Radiation Protection Engineer, Nuclear Safety Engineer.

Petroleum Engineering

  • Program Overview: Uncover the techniques for extracting and producing petroleum and natural gas.
  • Core Courses: Reservoir Engineering, Drilling Engineering, and Petroleum Production Systems.
  • Career Prospects: Petroleum Engineer, Reservoir Engineer, Drilling Engineer.

Systems Engineering

  • Program Overview: Develop the ability to design, optimize, and manage complex systems.
  • Core Courses: Systems Analysis, Systems Design, and Systems Optimization.
  • Career Prospects: Systems Engineer, Operations Research Analyst, Systems Analyst.