Biomedical Sciences Program


The requirements to receive General Biology and General Biology Lab credits for PLTW Biomedical Sciences Program are the following: 

  1. Complete TWO of the four PLTW Biomedical Science course: 
    • Principles of Biomedical Science (PBS)
    • Human Body Systems (HBS)
    • Medical Interventions (MI)
    • Biomedical Innovation (BI) or Capstone (Biomedical)
  2. Earn an A or B average in each course
  3. Have one of the following scores for each PLTW class:
    (waived for 19-20 and 20-21 academic years)
    • Stanine score of "6" or higher for each course
    • Raw score or equivalent
    • Scale score (100 - 600) that earns an achievement-level descriptor of "accomplished" or "distinguished." 
      • *Biomedical Innovation (BI) does not have an EOC, if this course is used to receive credit just put N/A in the EOC box*
  4. Complete the online application.
  5. Pay the $400 fee covering both General Biology BIO SCI 1113 and General Biology Lab BIO SCI 1219

BIO SCI 1113 General Biology (LEC 3.0) - A comprehensive study of the general principles of the biology of plants, animals, and protists including population biology and regulation mechanisms.

BIO SCI 1219 General Biology Lab (LAB 1.0) - The laboratory work accompanying general biology consists of experiments designed to supplement and extend lectures in General Biology and Principles of Biology. 

To Apply for Credit

Submit the PLTW application here:

PLTW Credit Registration Form



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