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Other STEM Events

Look for upcoming 2024-25 schedule to be announced soon!


Outdoor World; rising 9th-12th graders

Nuclear Engineering Camp: rising 11th, 12th and graduating seniors

Explosive Camp: rising 11th and 12th graders, 16+ only

Robotics Camp: rising 7th-10th graders

Let's Go Green: rising 6th-8th graders

Jackling Introduction to Engineering: rising 10th-12th graders

Discovering Chemistry: rising 9th-11th graders

Art of Science: rising 9th-11th graders

Mechanical Crash Course: rising 9th-12th graders

Movie Makers: rising 5th-8th graders and rising 9th-12th graders

Amusement Park Design: rising 6th-8th graders

CyberMiner Camp: rising11th and 12th graders

Viral Detectives: Containing Contagions!: rising 6th-8th graders

Introduction to STEM:I-STEM: rising 10th-12th graders

Space - The Final Frontier: rising 10th-12th graders

Is It Alive? - Day Camp: rising 4th-6th graders

Aerospace Camp - rising 5th-8th graders

The Sound of Miners: rising 9th-12th graders and graduating seniors

ASM Exploring Materials in Your World Camp: rising 11th and 12th graders

Formula SAE Electric Car Camp: rising 10th-12th graders

Leading for Tomorrow: rising 11th and 12th graders

Sports Camps


Biological Sciences

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering