Biomedical Degree Programs

Biomedical Degree Programs

Biomedical Engineering

  • Program Overview: The newly approved Biomedical Engineering program at Missouri S&T, led by Dr. Hu Yang, prepares students to tackle a variety of biomedical-related issues.
  • Location: Housed in the Chemical and Biochemical Engineering department.
  • Career Prospects: Graduates will be well-prepared to focus on a variety of biomedical-related issues.​4

Biological Sciences (BS)

  • Program Overview: Pursue a deep understanding of life and living organisms with a focus on cell and molecular biology, ecology, environment and conservation, or health sciences.
  • Core Courses: Introductory Biology, Biodiversity, Cellular Biology, Evolution, Genetics, and Ecology.
  • Career Prospects: Opportunities in biotechnology, microbiology, cell biology, and neuroscience, among others, with further educational pursuits available at the master’s and Ph.D. levels

Biological Sciences (BA)

  • Program Overview: A well-rounded education in biological sciences with an emphasis on pre-medicine or secondary education.
  • Core Courses: Same core curriculum as the B.S. degree with additional humanities and social sciences courses to provide a holistic educational experience.
  • Career Prospects: Prepares students for medical school, graduate school, and other postgraduate education, with a special focus on medical laboratory scientist careers for B.S. degree pursuers​​.