Computer Science Degree Programs

Computer Science Degree Programs

Computer Science Undergrad Degree Programs

Computer Science

  • Program Overview: Dive into the algorithms, data structures, and software design principles that are essential for developing innovative computing solutions.
  • Core Courses: Programming, Data Structures, Algorithms, and Computer Networks.
  • Career Prospects: Software Developer, Data Scientist, Systems Analyst.

Computer Engineering

  • Program Overview: Bridge the gap between electrical engineering and computer science.
  • Core Courses: Digital Systems Design, Microprocessors, and Computer Networks.
  • Career Prospects: Computer Engineer, Embedded Systems Engineer, Network Engineer.

Information Science and Technology

  • Program Overview: Explore the design, implementation, and management of digital information systems and technologies.
  • Core Courses: Information Systems Design, Database Management, and Network and Systems Administration.
  • Career Prospects: IT Project Manager, Database Administrator, Network Administrator.

Computer Science Graduate Degree Programs

Data Science and Cybersecurity (Graduate Programs)

  • Program Overview: Become an expert in data science and cybersecurity through Missouri S&T's computer science graduate programs​​.
  • Core Courses: Machine Learning, Cybersecurity Fundamentals, and Network Security.
  • Career Prospects: Data Scientist, Cybersecurity Analyst, Information Security Manager.

Information Systems & Cloud Computing (Graduate Program)

  • Program Overview: This graduate program is designed for those who complete a graduate certificate program in computer science, focusing on cloud computing and information systems​​.
  • Core Courses: Cloud Computing, Information Systems Management, and Data Analytics.
  • Career Prospects: Cloud Solutions Architect, Information Systems Manager, Data Engineer.