MISSOURI S&T IS PROUD TO BE THE PLTW TRAINING HUB PARTNER IN THE KANSAS CITY AREA and offers Undergraduate AND Graduate Credit for Project Lead The Way courses


Undergraduate Credit:  

The link below details the requirements, and has the downloadable PDF of the two credits we offer, MECH ENG 1720 and BIO SCI.  Outlined are some important and common questions we receive about the process to obtain credit.  If you have specific questions, please call Brittany at the Registrar's Office at 573-341-4074.  


 FAQ's :


Intro to Engineering Design   Mech Eng 1720

Principles of the Biomedical Sciences (PBS)   Bio 1943

Human Body Systems (HBS)   Bio 1953

Biomedical Innovation (BI)     Bio 1983

Medical Interventions (MI)    Bio 1993


What are the requirements to qualify for college credit? The requirements for receiving MECH ENG 1720 credit, is a B average (80% +) in both Intro to Engineering Design and Principles of Engineering, score a 70 percent or higher on the PLTW end-of-course college-credit exams, and/or have a stanine score of 6 or higher for each class, along with a $200 fee.

 The requirements to receive credit for each of the four courses in the Biomedical Sciences Program is a B average (80% +), score a 70 percent or higher on the PLTW end-of-course college-credit exams, and/or have a stanine score of 6 or higher for each class, along with a $250 fee per course. 

Applications cannot be processed without  appropriate signatures, EOC or exam scores, official high school transcript, and payment. Credit card or check are the only approved options to purchase the credit(s). *The fees cannot be charged to their Joe’SS account (current S&T students).

 What is the deadline to apply for credit through PLTW? There is not a deadline to apply for credit, but it is most common for students to apply for the credit when they have graduated high school. Students are encouraged to check with their prospective university to see how the credit(s) would transfer before applying for the credit. The four BIO SCI courses equate to first year biology electives at Missouri S&T and the MECH ENG 1720 credit is a common freshman year course required of all Missouri S&T engineering majors.

 How should a high school submit a student's PLTW application to Missouri S&T? Students should fill out and sign the appropriate sections of the form and have a teacher or a school official sign and document their course grade and End of Course Exam score. The student will then attach and provide payment and give to a school counselor or school official that handles the applications. The high school will collectively send the application, payment, and an official high school transcript* to the address on the bottom of the PLTW application.  *The high school transcripts must be in a sealed envelope from the high school - mailed directly to Missouri S&T.

 What type of credit do the students earn? Students are awarded 3 college level credit hours for each BIO SCI course and 3 college level credit hours for MECH ENG 1720. The BIO SCI courses are calculated in the applicant's Missouri S&T cumulative GPA while the MECH ENG 1720 is exempt.

 What year-of-study (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior) applicants can earn the college credit? Applicants may seek college credit for MECH ENG 1720 after they have successfully completed both IED and POE courses or after they complete each BIO SCI course. In addition to incoming freshman, current undergraduate students may also apply for credit if they have taken the PLTW courses previously in a PLTW certified high school.

Transcript Requests to transfer PLTW credits:  Once a PLTW credit is approved and processed, an award letter is mailed out with information on how to order an official transcript from Missouri S&T. PLTW applicants will be directed to the following link to request a transcript:

 http://registrar.mst.edu/transcripts/trans/ and click on “Click here to complete a transcript request through the NSC.”

 Information about completing a transcript request:  The transcript request will prompt “Are you currently enrolled at Missouri University of Science and Technology?”  If the requestor selects “No,” they will have to answer the “approximate years of attendance” in a begin year and end year format. If an applicant only received PLTW credit at Missouri S&T and never enrolled, he or she would enter “2018” to “2018” or whichever year the credit(s) were granted.  Transcripts are $10 per copy, plus processing fees.

 How do I get documentation to show my PLTW credits are paid for – for tax related purposes? PLTW is not a part of the Form 1098-T. When credits are approved, an award letter and transfer evaluation report are mailed out; the award letter correspondence states the awarded credit(s) and the date that they were paid in full, and to use for tax related purposes, if needed.


 Brittany Parnell

Enrollment Services Specialist
Office of the Registrar



Graduate Credit: 

Project Lead The Way teachers can apply to receive graduate credit  for courses taken during Core Training.      

More information will be available soon.   



 Project Lead The Way (PLTW) is the leading provider of rigorous, relevant, and innovative Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education curricular programs in elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools (engineering; biomedical science; computer science) across the U.S.

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PLTW offers courses in both Engineering, Biomedical Sciences, and Computer Science.

STEM education is at the heart of today’s high-tech, high-skill global economy. For America to remain economically competitive, our next generation of leaders--the students in Missouri's classrooms today!--must develop the skills that will help make them the most productive in the world.

Through an engaging, hands-on curriculum, PLTW encourages the development of problem-solving skills, critical thinking, creative and innovative reasoning, and a love of learning. PLTW sparks the ingenuity, creativity, and innovation that are within all of our students.

Students are exposed to STEM careers through professionals from local industries who supplement the curriculum through mentorships and workplace experiences.

PLTW's comprehensive curriculum is designed by teachers, university educators, engineering and biomedical professionals, and school administrators.

How is Missouri S&T connected to PLTW? PLTW depends not only on rigorous and relevant pre-engineering and science curricula, but also on trained teachers to instruct the next generation of scientists and engineers. As a leading affiliate university, Missouri S&T provides teacher training, professional development, and information for counselors and administrators throughout the Midwest.

PLTW continues to grow rapidly in Missouri.  Over 740 Missouri programs will be offered during the 2018-19 school year.

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