Engineering Links

There are many websites focusing on engineering as a career as well as engineering education including: American Society of Engineering Education is a guide for high school students and others interested in engineering and engineering technology careers. Society of Women Engineers provides a wealth of information for females interested in technology. FIRST or "For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology" is a non-profit organization whose mission is to generate an interest in science and engineering among today's youth through annual robot competitions. What does an engineer do? How much does s/he make? What are different types of engineering? Educating Engineers is a comprehensive website that provides highly detailed information related to the engineering sector. We provide a thoughtful, intuitive, and meaningful analysis and review on nearly 2,000 engineering programs throughout the United States.

Resource for women and marginalized groups in engineering Whether you’re talking about libraries, stores, or even your home, an electrical engineer ensures that your electrical system is safely and efficiently planned to fulfill its intended use.  This guide provides resources and tips for women and people of color interested in pursuing a career in electrical engineering Techguide provides actionable information to help readers make data-driven decisions on the best tech-related educational and career opportunities.