2019 Missouri S&T Computer Requirements for Core Training Participants

Computer requirements for specific Core Training 2019 classes have not been established at this time.  ALL trainings will take place in the Kansas City area, NOT in Rolla.  


The following information is general to all classes.  Please review:  

There are many updates that must be installed on your computer before you will be allowed to connect to the network. Be aware that having network access is a requirement of all PLTW course curricula. If you do not complete these requirements you will not be able to use the computing resources that are necessary to complete your course.

 The following criteria MUST be met before arriving for your class:  

  • Have a laptop that meets or exceeds the minimum requirements
  • Install ALL critical Windows updates (Be aware that you may have to visit Windows Update multiple times to fully complete this task.)  This will also update your Microsoft Office products with all the security patches.
  • Download and install all required course-specific CT software as outlined in your Readiness Training.
  • Know an “Administrator” login and password (this is necessary in the event that a reload of software is needed). YOU MUST HAVE ADMINISTRATOR RIGHTS ON YOUR LAPTOP.
  • Install and update Virus detection/prevention software.
  • Know the contact information for your school’s technical support department.

It is also recommended that you bring:

  • An external mouse
  • A 10 – 15 foot network cable (Cat5 or better).
  • An external USB storage device (thumb drive or memory stick 2 GB or greater).
  • A wired network interface card.  While a wireless network will be available, you’ll have faster access with a wired connection. You may want this card for your hotel connection.

If you are unfamiliar with any of these terms/devices, please contact your home school’s technical support professional.


PLTW Computer Specifications for  School Year 2018-2019

Project Lead The Way, working with its vendors, will recommend computer requirements each year that we estimate will run our course software for the next three years. Many schools have developed policies under which new, more powerful computers are placed in PLTW labs, and the existing computers are moved to areas with less demanding applications. In doing this, they insure the longest useful performance of their computers.

Each teacher participating in training and teaching Project Lead The Way® courses is required to have a laptop computer for his/her use.  Teachers should have administrative rights on their computer.  The teacher’s laptop must have wireless Internet in order to participate in the Core Training.  Specifications for new laptops for teachers or students are as follows:

Click  PLTW Computer Specifications 2018-19 to view Computer Requirements for specific programs.

Note: For further details about graphics cards, see Autodesk’s website