Frequently Asked Questions for Teachers

What is Core Training?

What is the pace?

What is the time commitment?

Am I ready to teach?

What is expected of me?

How many PLTW course may I teach?

Why should I participate in the PLTW program?

How do the meals work?

Where do I park?

What credit may I receive towards my master's degree?

Is there a dress code?

Is the CTI tax deductible?

Is there a cancellation fee?


What is Core Training (CT)?
CT is designed to empower teachers with the confidence, understanding, and knowledge necessary to teach the curriculum. A teacher is only able to teach a course after successful completion of CT.

What is the pace?
CT is an 80 hour instructional program that covers major course concepts and methods. In order for participants to be successful in CT and within their own classroom it is recommended that participants understand the expectations below.

The accelerated, rigorous, and diversified nature of CT creates the potential for participants to feel overwhelmed, which has lead to their inability to complete training. To ensure that participants devote their full attention to the mastery of coursework and work collaboratively on project assignments, it is strongly recommended that participants stay on campus for the duration of the CT. Most participants find living on campus to be an enriching experience and take advantage of the focused environment, free from the rest of life’s other distractions. 

What is the time commitment?
Aside from the time spent for in class instruction, participants should plan to spend multiple hours of homework each night, as well as over the weekend, if they plan on successfully completing CT. The time required to complete CT assignments will vary based upon each participant’s knowledge of the topic and previous experience. Staying on campus allows teachers to work together during the evening and to have access to additional help that is provided by the CTI. Due to the accelerated duration of CT, the only time for additional assistance will be in the evenings.

Am I ready to teach?
All participants at CT are required to maintain a portfolio of activities, projects and problems as assigned by the Core Training Instructors (CTI). The CTI will periodically review and sign-off on completed portions of the portfolio over the duration of CT.

The course portfolio is a collection of the selected coursework that is assigned during CT and provides evidence that the participant has successfully completed the material. A CTI will only initial each activity when they determine that the participant demonstrates adequate competency with the particular subject matter - not merely because it is complete.

CT provides a comprehensive overview of the course content, and is not inclusive of the full scope and breadth of the course. Due to the limited time constraints, CT only provides an introduction to select activities, projects, and problems within the course. In preparation to teach the course, it is the responsibility of the participant to continue to familiarize themselves with the entire course curriculum upon completion of Core Training.

All teachers are encouraged to visit the PLTW Virtual Academy to access the curriculum and supplementary online lessons.

What is Expected of Me?
To ensure a successful CT experience, all participants are encouraged to review the following list of expectations.

  • arrive on opening day, usually a Sunday, with a laptop that meets or exceeds PLTW computer specifications, as outlined in the Computer Requirements, to load appropriate software, and to establish network access;
  • arrive on time at all daily class sessions (attendance will be taken twice daily);
  • actively participate in classroom instruction;
  • complete all required assignments and to assemble a portfolio;
  • attend evening sessions, as necessary (most enrichment activities are optional unless your instructor indicates otherwise);
  • turn all cell phones and pagers off during class instruction, unless absolutely necessary, then please set to vibrate. Only critical calls should be answered, and should be outside of the classroom;
  • treat all participants and instructors professionally and with respect;

Participants should understand that it is their responsibility to successfully complete a course portfolio and to become competent in the full scope of the specific PLTW curriculum, prior to instructing any students.

How many PLTW courses may I teach?
Teachers may train for and teach as many of the PLTW courses as their districts/schools mandate.

Why should I participate in the PLTW program?
If you are a new or experienced teacher of math, science, technology, or some other subject and are interested in participating in a professionally rewarding, stimulating, and dynamic new engineering/engineering technology program which is expanding rapidly, Project Lead The Way is for you.  Consider the elements of the program: summer training at one of PLTW's National Training Centers; training and networking when you teach PLTW courses in the middle school or high school; access to the latest software programs in digital electronics, robotics, and manufacturing processes; a laptop computer, provided by your school, that meets PLTW specifications; and the ability to earn graduate credit at participating colleges/universities for the PLTW courses.

How do meals work?
Breakfast is included in the room price of the hotels. Lunches for Monday-Friday on will be provided on campus as part of the registration fee. Teachers will need to make their own arrangements for most evening meals and connecting weekend meals. 

Where do I park?
A parking pass for a lot near your classroom will be mailed to you, as well as directions for where to park. We will be asking that some of you double up since parking permits are limited this year.  The permit MUST be displayed in your rear window.  Most parking lots on campus are head-in parking only.

What credit may I receive toward my master's degree?
The Missouri S&T graduate credit process is explained in the website section titled Graduate Credit.

Is there a dress code?
Casual dress is acceptable. July is typically hot and humid in central Missouri.  Classrooms are air-conditioned and can be chilly, so you may want to bring a sweater, sweatshirt, or jacket.  Students taking the CEA course will need to be prepared to conduct outdoor surveying labs. Please bring outdoor footwear, rain gear, and a jacket.

Is the CTI Tax Deductible?
Unreimbursed educational expenses, including travel costs, may be partially or totally deductible from income for federal tax purposes. Confer with the IRS or tax consultants to determine the applicability of tax law to your circumstances.

Is there a cancellation fee?
Yes. There will be a $500 cancellation fee.